Virtual Reality Fashion Week | VR Fashion Week: Latest Developments
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VR Fashion Week: Latest Developments

VR Fashion Week: Latest Developments

Virtual reality is the invention that is defining this decade with its infinite possibilities in every field and a number of functions in business and retail that are unprecedented by any invention of the last few years. By tricking your brain into thinking you’re in a different reality through its 3D technology, the futuristic creation transports you into different worlds, both fantastic and real. This type of augmented reality is an innovation in terms of retail and fashion, too, as it opens infinite possibilities for shopping, catwalks, and designing fashion items.

VR is already being used by major fashion retailers like Dior, Balenciaga and Topshop. The latter in particular has offered experiences like a virtual reality catwalk show in its Oxford Circus store. The augmented reality headset itself is becoming a fashion piece, in some situations: wearable technological devices have been a point of interest for big fashion brands during the past few years, as objects like the Fitbit and smartwatches has an increase in popularity. The fashion giant Dior, as well as the luxury brand Rebecca Minkoff, have created their branded VR headsets: it is clear that fashion has a focus on technological wearables, and virtual reality is the next and natural step to this end.

The possibilities of augmented reality when combined with fashion are endless: virtual fitting rooms are a concrete invention and they could soon become an essential part of our everyday shopping routines. Customers are able to visualise different outfits and pieces of clothing on themselves through augmented reality mirrors, or even through VR headsets, changing the sizing and design of their desired pieces. With more and more luxury stores embracing the possibilities this new technology entails and the improvement of virtual reality mechanics, the average consumer’s shopping experience will radically change.

Using VR as a way to enhance the experience of viewing a catwalk show is something that more and more recognised fashion brands have been doing, and it is becoming more and more popular with time. From Topshop live streaming its London Fashion Week show to Tommy Hilfiger showing its clients its 2015 catwalk show, virtual reality is transforming and renewing the concept of fashion shows in an unexpected way. Hussein Chalayan and Balenciaga also broadcast their own fashion shows in virtual reality so that anyone who owned a VR headset could watch their catwalk shows.

With its incredible impact in the fashion and retail industries, Virtual Reality Fashion Week will be a way to express all of these potentialities in one place. The retail experience will dramatically change thanks to augmented reality technologies in the next years, allowing businesses to augment their market value. This evolution of marketing, especially regarding fashion, is just starting, and it will bring innovations in our everyday lives that will shape our retail experiences and even society as a whole.