Virtual Reality Fashion Week | VR Fashion Week: Channeling Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
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VR Fashion Week: Channeling Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR Fashion Week: Channeling Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR Fashion Week: Channeling Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

“The times they are a-changin’,” Bob Dylan once sang.

The application of digital technology has found many new routes for the faster development in all fields of commerce and creativity. The talented IT professionals now use new techniques for finer designing and planning in the sectors of fashion, interior decoration, medicine and healthcare, sports goods, construction and retail industry. The implementation of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are two milestones for rendering easier and more effective business prospects by satisfying more online customers.

Difference between the functions of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality is an app that creates the designs or virtual images of the products that are yet to be created and supposed to be launched in the market for sale in near future. Thus, the customers can attain knowledge about the upcoming materials going to be available soon, mainly in case of fashion and retail industries. Thus, they feel more intrigued to buy and have the first-hand experience of actually using those new products. Hence, online shopping is made more interesting for the customers with the use of this VR app.

Augmented Reality is the mobile app that is meant to make the purchase easier for the customers, by providing in-depth details about the product that will help them in making the choice faster, apart from the photograph of that product. This app is more useful for retail industry, as the customers can gather thorough knowledge about any product showcased on the racks, simply by pointing their mobile towards it and clicking on this AR app. This app is very useful in fashion industry too, as it helps the customers to check whether the chosen attire will fit them or not, without visiting the garment shop.

The customers need to buy a special VR headset or any other suitable hardware device that can be simply attached to the mobile handset of the customer for availing the functions of this app. On the other hand, AR app needs only to be downloaded in the mobiles of the customers, without facing any hassle for it. This VR headset is highly expensive and may be out of reach of many common people; while AR app can be used for free without paying anything at all.

Advantages gained from uses of VR and AR apps for industrial purposes

  • Customer service is highly improved in both digital and practical business fields, with the successful applications of both VR and AR apps on behalf of any commercial company.
  • Customers can keep the shopping totally personalized by using the Augmented Reality app installed in their mobiles. All the details shared by the customers are totally kept confidential by the latest technology of this app.
  • The fashion and retail industries of the whole world can avail the merits of these apps, in servicing their customers from any foreign country. The customers also find it easier to choose and even try out the products of all countries, from the comfort of their own homes. This is especially true for Virtual Reality Fashion Week, although some experiences will be in malls and at other retail locations.
  • As Virtual Reality app deals with the future designing of a product, the customers may be asked for their suggestions in this matter, making them more creatively involved in the product designing process. So the customers feel more inclined to buy those products with their own personal touches, mainly the apparels produced in the fashion industry.
  • Customers find it easier to choose the products from the vast array of items on the online catalogs, due to having full information about each one of them through AR app. So they are more drawn to the companies using this specialized mobile app.
  • ¬†Companies using remarkable IT solutions in the form of VR and AR apps make such fast progress in business that they stand out among the other competitors of the same field in the market. The customers are automatically drawn to the companies offering so unique services regarding the sale of their products.
  • It is now easier for the retail industries to show their products more clearly from all angles, by using the Augmented Reality app for online exhibitions. They also cite the prices of their products, while justifying these cost prices as per their qualities.

Modern customers are transfixed by the amazing functions of these latest apps, which enhance the brand value of the companies in the eyes of these customers. As per the link of Forbes  featuring all the details of using this App, Forbes has certified both VR and AR apps to be the assets for the retail industries, which is proved by the personal experiences cited by many users. According to Forbes, now millions of business owners worldwide now use these apps and they have already gained huge success in the commercial field.

Apart from the fashion and retail industries, these apps have gained popularity among the business persons dealing with construction, real estate, interior design and computer games.

But when even the big fashion houses tune in to what’s happening, you know something big is just over the horizon.