Virtual Reality Fashion Week | Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Fashion Industry – Could this be a Game Changer?
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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Fashion Industry – Could this be a Game Changer?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the Fashion Industry – Could this be a Game Changer?

In the recent fashion shows held in New York, we have seen technology giants actively getting involved in fashion design through Virtual reality and Virtual augmentation? Burberry in London and Tommy Hilfiger in New York are some of the fashion industry giants who have shown potential in VR fashion during some of the recent shows they hosted.

Virtual reality involves the use of technology to enable your clients to immerse into a virtual but genuine environment and experience a product you are developing, or that is already in a virtual store. Therefore you are using a virtual product that resembles a real product to help customers to make a decision.

Augmented reality will take the customers experience to another level by providing additional information about a product. Using this technique, customers can review the different characteristics of products from the comfort of their home and once they are sure the product is good enough to suit their need they will then order it.

So the two techniques have been used in actualizing VR fashion shows, and it looks like there is a considerable success. However, every new aspect will have some opportunities and challenges, and this is the same with VR fashion. So what are some of the obstacles and opportunities created by VR fashion?

Obstacles and Opportunities in VR Fashion

VR fashion shows are promising, and at the same time it is bringing in some challenges to the user and the fashion designers. For the fashion designers adopting VR fashion creates opportunities for;

Making Shopping Personalized

In the fashion industry, customers want to get it right, and therefore it is important to make sure they have a personalized feel. By investing in VR fashion, you will assist especially for those who like shopping online without having to walk to the brick and mortar shops. This is the gap that VR Fashion Week will fill, along with several others.

An Opportunity to Get It Right in Fashion Design by Involving Customers

This is a very important aspect, and this is because as a fashion designer you want to please the customer in all possible ways. Therefore you have to design fashion with the customer in mind. With VR Fashion, this just got easier since you can always change to suit customers specifications when they try it using Virtual reality for fashion design. This can also be looked at as a way of enhancing your customer service approach.

For the customers, VR fashion creates more opportunities to;

Make Faster and More Informed Decisions

Once you download the applications for VR, you can be able to determine fashion design that suits you, and hence you make a faster decision and even better you are informed through augmented reality. This is the experience everyone wants to have. As you communicate to the designer, you will get a faster response without having to be at the physical shop.

The challenge most likely lies on the side of the VR fashion show organizers. Will they start charging clients per view or how do they make money? This is yet to be addressed, but then the future seems to be brighter for the fashion industry with technology becoming a game changer.

Meanwhile, we look forward to curating a VR Fashion Week experience that’s fun and rewarding for fashionistas worldwide.