Virtual Reality Fashion Week | How Augmented Reality Devices Will Soon Take Over Fashion Week Shows
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How Augmented Reality Devices Will Soon Take Over Fashion Week Shows

How Augmented Reality Devices Will Soon Take Over Fashion Week Shows

Virtual reality, which is among the latest innovations in the fashion industry, seems to be at the center of fashion week shows and this is with the introduction of VR fashion in some recent fashion shows held in London and New York. Augmented reality devices are becoming the next frontier in Fashion, and the latest case is the use of Microsoft HoloLens. This new innovation has been motivated by the desire to move from the traditional fashion shows to something totally different. So what is virtual reality and how are augmented reality devices taking over the fashion shows?

Virtual reality and augmented reality can be defined as providing a view of the real world reality, but on an augmented computer-generated content that looks real but on a virtual environment. The techniques can be defined as “see-it-to-believe-it” sort of technology. This is what has been presented in the fashion industry in the recent fashion week shows. Technology giants have been researching on the use of this technology in various industries and the use of Microsoft HoloLens in a fashion week is a good example of how the VR fashion technology can become a reality.

Use of Microsoft HoloLens in Fashion Week

Microsoft provided Microsoft HoloLens, a device that uses the augmented reality technology to drive a VR fashion week at Martine Jarlgaard in London. The guest in attendance wore the Microsoft HoloLens to see the 2017 summer collection. The fashion was a success, and this was as a result of collaboration with the 3D imaging company DoubleMe.

According to the organizers, this was so as to give the guest a new experience from what they were used to. This project could be a stepping stone on which the fashion designers can use the technology from the time of creating their designs to showing and possibly in retailing the end products. As the Microsoft HoloLens becomes more affordable, people will use the technology more, and this will be another technology success story.

With such advancements, VR fashion is no longer a dream, but something that will be served soon. This successful event shows that more demonstrations will soon be coming up in the fashion weeks that come in the future. There are advanced research projects that aim at seeing how purchasing fashion using the virtual reality can become the next big thing and replace the traditional fashion business model. Currently, the Microsoft HoloLens aims at showing and selling the fashion designs, but it is largely a show based technique and good for fashion week shows.

The Microsoft HoloLens seems to make fashion designers experience cool and easy especially with the potentiality of using the virtual reality to plan a design. This will help in speeding the work and as well save on resources such as money. On the other side, the use of virtual reality in merchandising will make the traditional merchandising lose value. However, this is a major challenge in any industry when technology takes over.